4 Vesta

Orbital characteristics

Epoch 12-Jan-2016 (2457400.5 JD)
Apoapsis2.572 AU
3.847×108 km
Periapsis2.152 AU
3.219×108 km
Semi-Major axis2.362 AU
3.533×108 km
Orbital Period1325.64 days
3.63 years
Avg. Orbital Speed19.34 km/s
Inclination7.1401 °
Longitude of ascending node103.85 °
Argument of perihelion151.14 °

Physical characteristics

Mean diameter530 km
Mass2.67×1020 kg
Density3.42 g/cm3
Equatorial surface gravity0.253 m/s2
0.026 g
Escape Velocity0.367 km/s
Rotation Period5.342 hours
Models: [Optical]  [DAWN]  [DAWN Hi-Res] 
Prevoius: Verolacqua

Shape model downloads

Please note that the models are in planetocentric coordinate system, with Z axis passing through planetocentric north pole. Actual rotational axis is often different from planetocentric poles, especially for small bodies like asteroids.