Dwarf planet Pluto

Orbital characteristics

Epoch 21-Sep-2006 (2454000.5 JD)
Apoapsis49.316 AU
7.3776×109 km
Periapsis29.574 AU
4.4242×109 km
Semi-major axis39.445 AU
5.9009×109 km
Inclination17.089 °
Longitude of asc. node110.38 °
Argument of periapsis112.60 °
Orbital period90487.3 days
247.7 years
Avg. orbital speed4.667 km/s

Physical characteristics

Mean diameter2374.0 km
Mass1.303×1022 kg
Avg. density1.860 g/cm3
Equatorial surface gravity0.617 m/s2
0.063 g
Escape velocity1.210 km/s
Rotation period (synodic)153.29 hours



This object does not have a shape model yet and is being displayed as a textured tri-axial ellipsoid.

Surface Textures

Textures are simple cylindrical projections with prime meridian at the middle, provided at the highest resolution available.

Last Modified: 30 May 2017